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The information on each listing is furnished and deemed reliable to the best of St. Louis ASHI’s knowledge but should be verified prior to use. St. Louis ASHI assume no liability for typographical errors, misprints or misinformation. Please check with the individual Cities if you have any questions. These ordinances change daily; therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

  • Residential Occupancy Permit Required Yes
  • Rental Occupancy Permit Required Yes
  • Conditional Occupancy Permit Yes
  • Commercial Occupancy Permit Required Yes

Occupancy Inspection Details

Property Maintenance Inspections and Occupancy Permits

It is unlawful for owner of any structure to sell, transfer, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of the structure or any part thereof to another until having secured a Certificate of Compliance for the entire structure and premises and having advised the grantee or lessee that they must secure an occupancy permit if they are to occupy the premises. For existing duplexes, multi-family structures, and individual units within non-residential structures, the Certificate of Compliance shall only be required for the interior of the individual or tenant space and the entire exterior of the structure and premises.

In order to gain a Certificate of Compliance, the structure and premises must first undergo a Property Maintenance Inspection performed by the City of Arnold Building Department. The setting of an inspection appointment will occur with application and fee (Residential = $50, Commercial = $75) submittal.

The City performs a comprehensive property maintenance inspection of the exterior property, the premises, the plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems, fire and life safety aspects, fundamental light, ventilation and occupant needs, and general sanitation based upon adopted codes. Such codes include, but are not limited to the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (as amended locally) and Code of Ordinances Chapters 220 (General Nuisances), 225 (Health & Sanitation), 405 (Zoning), and 415 (Signs).

If the structure and premises pass the inspection, the City will issue a Certificate of Compliance. A Certificate of Compliance is valid until the sooner of either six (6) months or a change of occupancy. If the property and structure fails the inspection, an appointment will be set for a re-inspection to verify satisfactory correction of the identified deficiencies. Any necessary inspections beyond the initial inspection and re-inspection may result in additional fees. Additionally, the owner or their authorized agent must notify the buyer or tenant of the need for an Occupancy Permit.

Vacant Structure Registration

As detailed in the Code of Ordinances, whenever a structure is vacant for a period of six (6) months, registration (and registration renewal) of the structure is required to ensure such structures satisfy and continue to satisfy property maintenance requirements or undergo rehabilitation or demolition in a prompt manner.

Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

Sewer Lateral Program Details

Arnold does not have a sewer lateral repair program at this time. However, if you are in the ROCK CREEK PUBLIC SEWER DISTRICT and connected to the sewer system inspection is required prior to the sale, change of ownership or a new tenant moves in. The required inspection is performed by the ROCK CREEK PUBLIC SEWER DISTRICT.

Every owner, lessee, renter, or occupier of any property that is located within the service area of Rock Creek Public Sewer District and is connected to the public sewer system of Rock Creek Public Sewer District shall submit to smoke and /or dye testing or other appropriate test or inspection by Rock Creek Public Sewer District, its employees, agents, and/or designees. The owner, lessee or occupier of the land shall permit said testing upon request. The testing may occur inside and/or outside the structure.

Rock Creek Public Sewer District, its employees, agents, and/or designees, in performing the duties and undertaking the programs identified in this ordinance, shall be empowered to enter upon any private property at all reasonable times, with proper notice to the owner, and in accordance with prevailing law, for the purpose of obtaining information, conducting inspections and/or enforcing this ordinance and shall have only those powers expressly set forth in this ordinance and in other ordinances of the District or provided by law to perform its functions consistent with such ordinances. you are required to obtain a Change of Ownership – Inspection and testing of laterals, wyes, and premises shall be conducted by the District prior to the change of ownership of any property through sale, transfer of title, or foreclosure of the property within the District in accordance with the provisions in ordinance number 2015-4.

City Services Phone Directory

  • Police Department 636-296-3204
  • Fire Department 636-296-2211 Rock Community Fire Protection District
  • Animal Control 636-282-2387
  • Building Permits 636-282-2378
  • Parks and Recreation 636-282-2380
  • Public Works 636-282-2386


  • Electricity Ameren Missouri
  • Natural Gas Spire
  • Water Missouri American Water Company or Public Water Supply District #1
  • Sewer MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District) or Rock Creek Sewer System
  • Garbage / Recycling 314-567-1800 Republic Services (Allied Waste)

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