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The information on each listing is furnished and deemed reliable to the best of St. Louis ASHI’s knowledge but should be verified prior to use. St. Louis ASHI assume no liability for typographical errors, misprints or misinformation. Please check with the individual Cities if you have any questions. These ordinances change daily; therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

  • Residential Occupancy Permit Required Yes
  • Rental Occupancy Permit Required Yes
  • Conditional Occupancy Permit No
  • Commercial Occupancy Permit Required Yes

Occupancy Inspection Details

The City of Ferguson requires an Exterior Inspection Only for home sales.

Rental properties require a different type of inspection that includes interior and exterior.

Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

Sewer Lateral Program Details

Program Overview

A sewer lateral is the part of your sewer system that runs from the foundation of the house to the sewer main, which is usually under the street. Most residents don’t give it much thought until there are backup problems.

The program is designed to assist residents with the high cost of replacing their sewer lateral line. These costs can range anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the depth and length of your sewer line and the significance of the break. The program has a special fund to assist homeowners in meeting this expense. This is a break-even fund, with no additional tax support. Payments from the fund may be reduced due to the fund balance available. Please contact the Public Works Department for more information on this funding.

Covered Expenses

The program covers 85% of the cost of the repair and the homeowner is responsible for 15%. For example, if the total repair cost was $2,500, the city would pay $2,125 and the homeowner would be responsible for $375 plus the cost of the cabling of the line.

Program Guidelines
  • The homeowner is responsible for having the line videotaped, and a Ferguson Public Works Inspector must be present. If a break is found, the City of Ferguson will reimburse the homeowner for the cost of the videotaping. (Videotaping does not require a licensed plumber).
  • The City reserves the right to refuse a videotape that is not sufficiently clear enough to determine
    the break. The distance (location) of the break must be pinpointed and marked on the video or on an accompanying log. The cost of the video will be deducted from the homeowner’s share of the lateral repairs.
  • The Program will cover 85% of the repair cost, and the homeowner will be responsible for 15% of the repair cost. The homeowner will deposit their 15% of the estimated cost to the City prior to the City’s authorization of work (less video cost).
  • Change orders and additional cost for repairs may not be incurred without prior approval of the
    Public Works Director. If approved, the homeowner will be responsible for 15% of any overages
    above the original estimate.
  • The Director of Public Works will make the final determination of scope of work to be performed and whether the scope of work meets the guidelines as adopted and amended from time to time.
  • Upon determination there is a break eligible for the program; the homeowner will be responsible for obtaining three (3) bids from a list of qualified plumbing contractors approved by the City. The bids will then be submitted to the Public Works Department for review and selection of the contractor.
  • Repairs are authorized for breaks only, not maintenance. (Roots growing through bells and joints are maintenance).
  • Septic systems and commercial properties are NOT eligible for the program.
  • The program is a repair of the specific break location, not replacement of the entire lateral line
    (unless evidence indicates this is necessary as determined by the Director of Public Works).
  • Single family and multiple family units of 6 units or less are eligible for the program.
  • The Public Works Department will be responsible for all inspections.
  • The decision of the Director of Public Works may be appealed to the Building Board of Appeals
    for a fee of $50. In the event the appeal is upheld, the filing fee will be reimbursed to the applicant.
  • Failure to follow the outlined procedure (i.e. doing work without authorization) will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Any property owner who is in arrears to the City for any fees, taxes or other monies is ineligible to participate in the program or receive any reimbursement from the program until all past due payments have been received in full.

*** Please Note: Most municipalities, cities, and counties with sewer lateral programs limit reimbursements and expenses to the amount available in the Fund at any time. Some offer waiting lists and reimbursements out of the next year’s Fund revenue. Funds typically are on a first-come, first-served basis. You should always check on fund availability. Additionally, most municipalities will require proof of PAID real estate tax bills, city fees, taxes, including personal property taxes, and trash fees if applicable for eligibility to participate in any available programs.

City Services Phone Directory

  • Police Department 314-522-3100
  • Fire Department 314-522-1122
  • Parks and Recreation 314-521-4661
  • Public Works 314-521-7721


  • Electricity Ameren Missouri
  • Natural Gas Spire
  • Water Missouri American Water Company
  • Sewer MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District)

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