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The information on each listing is furnished and deemed reliable to the best of St. Louis ASHI’s knowledge but should be verified prior to use. St. Louis ASHI assume no liability for typographical errors, misprints or misinformation. Please check with the individual Cities if you have any questions. These ordinances change daily; therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

  • Residential Occupancy Permit Required Yes, Fee: 25.00
  • Rental Occupancy Permit Required Yes
  • Commercial Occupancy Permit Required Yes

Occupancy Inspection Details




Effective Wednesday, April 23, 2008, the City of Glendale has contracted with the St. Louis County Public Works Department to handle all building permits and inspections. The City will continue to review building plans which require municipal zoning approval and Architectural Review, however, all inspections will be handled by St. Louis County. For more information on permits and inspections, visit the St. Louis County Public Works website at

To apply for a Municipal Reoccupancy Housing Inspection, please complete the Request for Housing Inspection form below.  This can be mailed to City Hall, dropped off at City Hall between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday or placed in the Night Drop Box outside of City Hall.  Please be sure to include the $110.00 inspection fee or we cannot process the application.  Please do not apply online with St. Louis County.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at (314) 965-3600.

Reporting Changes in Occupancy Required:

Every dwelling unit in which a change of occupancy is to occur must be reported by the owner to the City Hall so that the Enforcement Official may inspect the structure according to the provisions of this Chapter. Upon inspection, he/she shall also determine the number of occupants which can be housed in the dwelling unit without creating a health or safety hazard. Failure to make such a report shall constitute a violation of this Chapter, and the person responsible for the failure shall be subject to the penalties of this Chapter.

Responsibilities of Real Estate Brokers:

All real estate brokers and agents and similar businesses and owners of multiple-family dwelling units shall report each dwelling unit which is to change occupancy as in this Chapter defined so that the Enforcement Official may inspect the unit according to the provisions of this Chapter. Failure to register or make such a report shall constitute a violation of this Chapter, and the person or firm responsible for the failure shall be subject to the penalties of this Chapter.

Conditional Permits.

A conditional occupancy permit may be issued by the Enforcement Official if, in his/her judgment, any deficiencies in structures covered by this Chapter would not seriously endanger the health or safety of the occupants or the community, and provided that the occupant makes an affidavit stating that he/she will correct deficiencies within a specified time and thus bring the structure into compliance with the provisions of this Chapter. The occupant may then occupy the dwelling unit while repairs are being made. At such time as the dwelling complies with all the provisions of this Chapter, an occupancy permit will be issued as provided above.

More Information is available is on the city of Glendale’s website.

Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

Sewer Lateral Program Details

The Sewer Lateral Repair Program is designed to pay up to a maximum of $3,000 towards repairing broken residential sewer laterals from the sewer main to the house. All residential units are covered under this program with the exception of the three (3) condominium complexes within the City of

The Sewer Lateral Repair Program pays for point-of-break repairs, which means that only the portion of the pipe that is defective is repaired. The City will only replace the entire sewer lateral if it is determined to be necessary by the City in consultation with a licensed plumber or drain layer. The responsibility of the Sewer Lateral Repair Program is limited to the screening for the break or offset, excavation and repair of lateral pipe and backfilling in a workmanlike manner. The top six inches of the backfill material will be topsoil. The Sewer Lateral Repair Program will also be responsible for filling any machinery ruts and scraping any excess dirt created during the repair and the replacement of sidewalks and parts of paved driveways and streets removed to repair defective laterals.

It will be the responsibility of the property owner to restore landscaping and ground covers, including grass in whatever manner they choose. The City is not responsible for restoration to a grass or landscaped surface. In the event obstacles such as yard sheds, garages, etc. are in the path of the lateral and/or lie over the damaged portion of the lateral, the City reserves the right to reroute the lateral to avoid the necessity of removing the structure. The program does not cover the cost to replace any trees, shrubs, flowers, sod, decks, retaining walls, fencing, or outbuildings that may be damaged during the televising or repair of the sewer lateral.

The City will pay for diagnostics and repair charges up to a maximum of $3,000 per repair of a sewer lateral. Any additional amount above the $3,000 ceiling will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Licensed plumbers and drain layers will be contracted to work on the sanitary sewer lateral on a bid basis. The City will establish a bid list and send out bids and contract with the lowest and best bidder. Upon contracting with a plumber or drain layer, the City will work closely with the contractor to insure that the sewer is repaired in a workmanlike manner. The City will inspect the sewer upon completion of the repair and will make any payment directly to the contractor only if the repairs are satisfactorily completed.

If a blockage in your lateral occurs that cannot be removed by a plumber or sewer cleaning service, or a sinkhole is observed, you may have a broken sewer lateral. If such a condition exists, you should come to City Hall and fill out an application for the program. The Sewer Lateral Repair Program will not pay for the cost of sewer cleaning to remove tree roots or buildups, rather this is the responsibility of the resident or homeowner.

Applications for sewer lateral repair can be obtained at City Hall during normal business hours or you may call 965-3600 to have one mailed or faxed to you. The resident or homeowner should not submit an application until an attempt has been made to clean out the sanitary sewer lateral by a plumber or sewer cleaning service.

*** Please Note: Most municipalities, cities, and counties with sewer lateral programs limit reimbursements and expenses to the amount available in the Fund at any time. Some offer waiting lists and reimbursements out of the next year’s Fund revenue. Funds typically are on a first-come, first-served basis. You should always check on fund availability. Additionally, most municipalities will require proof of PAID real estate tax bills, city fees, taxes, including personal property taxes, and trash fees if applicable for eligibility to participate in any available programs.

City Services Phone Directory

  • Police Department 314-965-0000
  • Fire Department 314-965-7097
  • Public Works 314-965-3600


  • Electricity Ameren Missouri
  • Natural Gas Spire
  • Water Missouri American Water Company
  • Sewer MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District)
  • Garbage / Recycling Service is paid through the city

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